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Our Vision

Fountain Press is a non-profit Christian publishing house. Our vision is to break the knowledge divide between the rich and poor Christians. We labor to make good Christian books affordable to Christian readers all over the world.

The Challenge

Christians in poorer countries cannot afford books at prices sold in the rich countries. For example, monthly salary of a pastor in India is less than 50 US dollars and book priced at 15 US Dollars costs one week's pay! But most books cost more than 15 dollars.

So they just don't read books! Pastors and Bible school students are denied resources they need to serve the Kingdom.

What do we do?

We use all the profit from sales to subsidise our books in the third world. A book sold in the US for 15 dollars is sold in the third world for less than two dollars and sometimes even less! Thus when you buy one copy, you send at least three copies to the poorer Christians in the rest of the world depending on our profit margin.

Our products

Our titles are written by internationally reputed scholars who share our vision. Produced to international standards of editing, and printing they are present in all leading stores all over the world. It is the quality of the content and presentation that makes the leading bookstores, Christian and general, stock our books.